Police Say Hired Help Stole 25-Thousand in Cash from Renter

Thursday, May 5, 2011 - 6:38am

They were hired to work on a project inside a home off of E. Roosevelt.

"These people went and started to do some work, then all of the sudden they were gone, nowhere to be found." said Brownsville Police Officer Eddie Garcia.

Investigators say Jose de la Paz and a juvenile skipped out on the job after they found something very enticing hidden inside one of the walls they were tearing down, a box filled with 25-thousand dollars in cash.

The landlord of the home hired the two for the job; police say the renter, a 54 year old woman didn't remember the cash was hidden in that particular wall.

Once she went looking for her stashed cash, a terrible discovery, it was gone.

Shortly after, de la Paz came back, but not to finish the job.

The accused brought back three-thousand in cash to the owner, but the other 22-thousand is still unaccounted for.

The victim reported the theft to the Brownsville Police Department pointing the finger at the hired help.

Police say homeowners should always do a little research before letting strangers in their home to do odd jobs.

"Be careful who you let in to your home, you know, in this case, well these people were going to do some work and she forgot that the money was there and apparently it seems they took advantage of the situation." said Garcia.

The underage teen was taken to the juvenile detention center, while de la Paz was brought to the city jail. On Wednesday morning a judge charged him with theft in the third degree, and gave him a 15-thousand dollar bond.

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