Police say former Marine was involved in murder-suicide

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POSTED: Monday, July 15, 2013 - 5:21pm

UPDATED: Wednesday, July 17, 2013 - 3:28pm

"I miss you already Art, he would give anything for anybody."said friend Gina Shipp.

A community is in shock after former United States Marine Art Cohan and his wife were found dead inside their bedroom Monday morning after an explosion at their home on Rio Hondo road.
Police are calling this a murder suicide.
Police say they found a 13 page suicide note in Cohan's car, and saw several emails in which Cohan admitted he suffocated his wife, who reportedly had a severe illness.
Police believe Cohan then poured gas in the house, starting the fire.
Neighbors like Homer Romas who is a veteran, want to remember Cohan for the positive things he did.

"You can tell by the flag pole he was true heart veteran, a Marine."said Romas.

Cohan served in Vietnam and later delivered newspapers in Harlingen.

Gene Allen is the chairman of the Harlingen Veterans Advisory Board, and was a friend of Cohan's.

"He was very tenacious in what he did, very bright, and a great planner."said Allen.

Cohan was very influential in putting together the Veterans Memorial at Pendleton Park.

"We can already feel the emptiness without Art because I know Art is the reason this got done.

Gina Shipp is a mother, whose son was killed in action in Iraq in 2007.
Shipp and Cohan worked very hard with the city of Harlingen to make this memorial possible.

"It is something for veterans who had fought and giving us freedom."said Shipp

Monday at the park a US Marine flag waves below the United States flag.

"This flag was an add on to Art, to respect him, and I am sure he will be very proud that flag is here."said Allen.

All of Cohan's friends say they want to remember his life, rather than the circumstances surrounding his, and his wife's death.

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Just because you served our country should not give you a pass to commit murder. Remembering only the positive things he did is literally disregarding his wife, her life and all the people who knew her. Clearly he had issues dealing with things. No one saw any signs? Or they just ignored them because he was a veteran and instumental in community projects?

Unless you personally knew Art and Debbie (as I do) don't be critical of something you know nothing about. Art did this as a Loving and Devoted HUSBAND. I recieved one of the personal emails he sent just before he ended his own life. Having been in their home (I live in Connecticut) his entire waking moments were spent caring for others. You could not "do for Art", unless your kindness included Debbie.
EVERYTHING he did, INCLUDED Debbie, from the Genealogy, the Monument, and the newspaper route

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