Police Say 2 Year Old Was Taken

POSTED: Thursday, August 27, 2009 - 5:34pm

UPDATED: Thursday, February 25, 2010 - 12:33pm

In Harlingen a man is arrested for allegedly stealing a truck, with a 2 year old inside and faces a slew of charges including kidnapping, luckily a quick response by both the public and police helped find the young child unharmed.
Police say little Arnold Mendoza was taken while inside a running truck now he's back with his dad.

This is two year old Arnold and his dad Ernesto Mendoza.

Mendoza who is a trucker just got back from a trip. He had Arnold in the back seat of his running truck. He ran inside his home for just a few seconds to look for his wallet because he was going to get something to eat.

"I said if I dropped it has got to be right here, I opened the door, and I was talking on the phone with my buddy and said it's here. I grabbed the door to lock it, I went like this, and my truck was gone."

When Mendoza noticed his truck was missing he immediately called police and told them his two year old son Arnold and his truck were taken. After 20 minutes of searching police were able to recover precious Arnold and his truck."

Police were able to find 2 year old Arnold an apartment complex at the intersection of 25th and South Parkwood.
This man choosing not to disclose his identify says his 11 year old sister heard the child and found the 2 year old on this mound unharmed and she called police.

Mendoza's truck was found near the intersection of Cottonwood and New Hampshire. The suspect was also found near this location. He was arrested and taken into custody. Police are still unsure the motive or how the truck and child got to those locations. The investigation is ongoing. The suspect is expected to be arraigned Friday. Police say he could face a handful of charges including kidnapping, theft of a motor vehicle, and child endangerment.

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