Police practice new pursuit maneuver to bring down high risk criminals


POSTED: Monday, April 1, 2013 - 3:31pm

UPDATED: Tuesday, April 2, 2013 - 7:28am

Bad guys beware, there's now a new way in the Valley to stop a dangerous pursuit. It's called the positioning intervention technique, better known as the PIT maneuver.

After some close calls with officers on duty, the San Juan Police department decided they needed to make a change with their high risk pursuits. 

 "We're always seeking something that is going to safeguard the lives of our officers and the community as well," said Chief Juan Gonzalez, San Juan Police.

The PIT maneuver is very controlled. It allows the officers to tap into the suspect vehicle, throwing it into a spin, and then the following police units surround the suspect vehicle. It's an advanced technique that takes practice.

"Basically today what we are doing is we train our specialized units, our narcotics units, our gang units and our regional swat team also, for the mere purpose that this technique right here is that we are implementing in high risk stops," said Chief Gonzalez.

It's a useful technique, but it's not for every pursuit.

"We are only going to focus on the individuals that are wanted, fugitives, individuals that commit violent crimes, individuals that we know are known offenders that are more likely going to escape or try to evade from us," said Chief Gonzalez.

Chief Gonzalez calls the PIT maneuver a must for the Rio Grande Valley.

"Because I think with what we are seeing with a lot of the violent pursuits that we are encountering all across county, all across South Texas, but we are the first agency that implemented this program and we hoping that later on other agencies are going to go through it," said Chief Gonzalez.

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