Police Officers to be Patroling for Drunk Drivers

Wednesday, November 23, 2011 - 9:28am

RIO GRANDE VALLEY - Thanksgiving week is well known for many things, turkey, family, football and DWI's.

Unfortunately, the last part is true, at least for young adults and college students returning home this Holiday season. In years past, many alcohol related traffic crashes have killed young adults. Over the last three years teen and college aged drivers and passengers have been involved in 55% of all fatal crashes over Thanksgiving week. Local police officers will be out in full force this week trying to prevent these accidents and Brownsville Police Department's J.J. Trevino urges people to drink responsibly, "We will be on the lookout for any drunk driving. Basically just don't drink and drive. There are more people out on the streets obviously because the kids are coming home from college, people on vacation or whatever the case may be."

Brownsville P.D. will not only be on the lookout for drunk drivers this season, but they'll also be stepping up their patrol units in shopping areas around town.

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