Police Increase Patrol on Black Friday


POSTED: Friday, November 26, 2010 - 5:36pm

UPDATED: Sunday, November 28, 2010 - 5:31am

With holiday shpppers out in the thousands, Brownville Police are trying hard to keep everyone safe.

Officer David Perez covers his area slowly and meticulously. He is making sure shoppers are safe and parked cars are only touched by their owners. There are certain signs he looks for when patrolling lots full of holiday shoppers.

"We try to look for vehicles that are out of the ordinary. What that may be is vehicles with multiple people inside the vehicle and just sitting, not doing anything, like coming out into the shopping center," said David Perez, Brownsville Police Officer.

If they target someone suspicious, they start to investigate the possible suspect.

"For the most part we try to make contact with the individual, see if there is anything we can help them with and if everything seems to be ok within the vehicle. Theres nothing wrong, nobody calling and telling us something that happened. Then they go on their merry way," said Perez.

But it's not always people police keep an eye out for.

Officer are also walking between parked cars. What they are checking for is to make sure all doors are locked and closed, that there are no valuables out in plain site. and they make sure that none of the cars have been broken into in anyway.

On patrol Perez sees one vehicle with its window open and valuables inside. He alerts that store's security to the problem, and they make sure the owner comes out to lock up their vehicle.

These small details can deter many possible thieves. But if that isn't enough there is always an officer nearby patrolling.

"We try to make our presence known and sometimes they will exit the vehicles and try a different plan and that in itself has deterred some type of criminal action," said Perez.

There are twice as many patrol cars and undercover vehicles working during Black Friday.

Brownsville Police Department said it's just added precaution during a highly tempting time of the year.

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Thank you BPD for making the holidays safer.

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