Police Dispatcher Arrested


POSTED: Friday, December 9, 2011 - 10:36am

UPDATED: Thursday, December 15, 2011 - 9:06am

Laura De Leon who is a police dispatcher was arrested for online harrassment and one count of phone harrassment.

According to a police report the complainant Nancy Alanis says De Leon posted pictures of her without her consent on Facebook. The report also says that text messages between De Leon's husband and Alanis were also posted. Alanis also says in the police report that De leon caused her embarrassment at work.

We spoke with Laura De Leon who had her attorney on hand. De Leon admits to posting pictures and texts on her Facebook page.
She says she posted the pictures and texts after they were found on De Leon's husband phone by her daughter.
De Leon says there were several inappropriate pictures sent to the phone..but she only posted decent pictures.

"My 9 year old showed me without thinking I uploaded on my Facebook page because they were already public."
"I didn't give to give my statement everyone thinks posted I nude pictures, there were no nude pictures, the ones that get hurt are my kids."

De Leon says she just posted pictures of Alanis in a referee outfit.
De leon is also say she is confused about a phone harrassment charge. She said that her and Alanis have not even talked on the phone. She says they have only texted between each other mutually.

"I told her you need to stay away from my family because you have your family, leave my family alone stay away from daughter and my house that is all I told her."

De Leon says she is also confused about her actual charges of phone harrassment and online harrassment.

"They couldn't find the statues when I was being booked. There were two different books they couldn; itt find they so i don't know what they went under.
De Leon is administrative leave without pay, This following the criminal charges.

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The world could use a lot more people like you...You spoke out in the heat of the moment and that is something I praise you for...You are covered by your right under the 1st amendment, freedom of speech...I firmly believe that you will come out ahead if this case if it is ever heard...I would APPEAL their decision based on BIAS..She 'MRS ALANIS' posted those photos via 'telephone' and you posted via 'facebook' so really, what's the difference between the both? Just because MRS NANCY didn't beliv

belive that MRS LAURA had any rights to her husbands cellphone/messages/calls and believed they were PRIVATE messages and pictures amongst only them two? They are married and under same phone contract together, so how could it be private if they both have access? MRS LAURA had every right on viewing them and sending them out just as her husban...d did. NOW had they been under a separate-individual account or had that been the husbands 'work issued' phone then thats a different story. I think the

whole department starting from CHIEF GARCIA, down to the detective that was put on the case to investigate this criminal matter were ALL BIAS towards MRS DE LEON. Everybody should have been suspended with pay until case is investigated...POINT SAID. BECAUSE if MR DE LEON was ARRESTED 1X LAST YEAR IN AUG 2010 FOR ASSAULT WHILE HIGHLY INTOXICATED MIND YOU WITH MRS DE LEON'S 15YO SON...IT WAS PHYSICAL, HE WAS ARRESTED, BOOKED, CHARGED AND SUSPENDED WITH PAY PENDING THE OUTCOME THROUGHOUT THE WHOLE

PROCESS, AND HE'S A POLICE OFFICER FROM SAME AGENCY BPD...OF COURSE CHARGES WERE DROPPED BY MRS DE LEON and that was that. Then just this year, a few months ago MR DE LEON WAS AGAIN ARRESTED BY HIS OWN BPD COWORKERS WHILE HIGHLY INTOXICATED IN HIS TRUCK AND ARRESTED NOT ON DUI/DWI...BUT ON A CLAIMED 'ASSAULT' AGAIN AT A LOCAL BAR. An unknown female reported that he slapped her on her rear as he passed by. When MR D was on the road leaving the bar to go home he was stopped and arrested just on th

that.Assault- "improper touch" was once again ARRESTED AND BOOKED INTO THE SAME CJ. He was once again suspended with pay til final outcome of the charges of which were dropped because ALL HE HAD TO DO WAS DONATE TO NEEDY FAMILIES. Now, is that being BIAS like a M*F or what??? Don't do the same thing as the department by sweeping it under the rug...IF ANYTHING I THINK YOU SHOULD FOLLOW MY FRIEND MR GARCIA'S ADVISE AND CONTACT TWC The reason I TELL YOU is you'll receive it even if they penalize yo

a couple of weeks...But the angle here is TWC will contact the employer and get a statement...Usually they say something that will help you if you decide you want to pursue a CIVIL LAW SUIT against BPD, which I would HIGHLY recommend, TWC gives you the transcripts of all conversations. I would ALSO contact the ACLU just to get an investigation going, it's free and the ACLU loves cases!!!!!Except for public employers, all Texas business entities, regardless of size, are covered by the Texas Payd

Payday Law. Other than close relatives and independent contractors, all persons who perform a service for compensation are considered employees. An employee who feels that he or she has not been paid all wages earned may file a complaint with the Texas Workforce Commission (TWC). Complaint forms may be obtained from local TWC offices, or upon request through the mail, through agency website, or by calling 1-800-832-9243 /TDD 1-800-735-2989. I JUST GOT APPROVED FOR MINE YESTERDAY!!!! :) oh and I

would also go and file suit againgst MRS ALANIS for the distributing, manufacturing, exchange, publication, possession and so forth, of material designated as pornography or that which directly or indirectly can be defined as such of the viewing to underaged persons is ILLEGAL under both state and federal statutes!!!!!(since your 9yo daughter saw those in her daddys phone) and file harassment charges against her and everyone that worked on your case because they were all her close 'buddies-frien

friends' both on facebook and off duty-CONFLICT OF INTEREST MY DEAR!!!! YOU HAVE SO MUCH ON YOUR SIDE!!! AND THEN TURN AROUND AND SUE THE CITY OF BROWNSVILLE TOO because of unfair disciplinary sanctions at the workplace...I just received all my pay including hours used investigating my claim...My grievance was I was treated with bias...YOU can later use the transcripts from this hearing in a civil case for mental anguish, cruel and unusual punishment...plus violation of due process!!!! GOOD LUCK

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