Police Continue Investigating Murder Of San Benito Man

POSTED: Wednesday, April 22, 2009 - 5:44pm

UPDATED: Thursday, February 25, 2010 - 12:33pm

Police have released new details tonight in the beating death of a bedridden San Benito man over the weekend.
All day long, San Benito Police say, they have been questioning several people who may have information on the murder of 84-year old, Ramon Pinon.
Around one this afternoon, officers issued a search warrant and searched, the mother's home of the man, they arrested yesterday.
That man, is 22-year old, Manuel Pena.
A judge charged him with first degree murder.
He could face capital murder, Police say, which would put him behind bars for life, or even land him the death penalty.
Pena was denied bond, because the judge found him a risk.
At his arraignment, Pena denied committing the crime.
Police say, Pena lived just around the block from where Pinon lived, and he may have been scoping out his place for awhile.
Today, at Pena's mother's home on Perkins Street, Police say, they found more evidence linking him to the crime.
The murder happened, Saturday, police say, at Pinons home at 421 Commerce street.
His body was found beaten to death.
Police say, at one time, Pinon even played music with legendary, Freddie Fender.
After investigating, police believe more people couldv'e played a role in Pinon's murder.
"It's hard to believe that only one person could've been involved, we want to exhaust all possibilities, and continue our efforts just to see if anybody is involved," Lt. Martin Morales says.
Officers expect to make more arrests soon.
As the investigation continues, you can count on News Center 23 to keep you updated.
If you have any information which could help San Benito Police, you're asked to call them at 361-3880.

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