Police Abuse

Monday, October 15, 2012 - 1:18pm

A Florida woman is claiming police abused her after she was arrested for being disorderly at the Leesburg bike fest last year.

This surveillance video is blurred for a reason.

Ashleigh Davis is naked from the waist up.

Sitting on the floor of a holding cell.

Surrounded by male officers and deputies.

"What did I do so wrong to make them want to treat me like this. Why can't they cover me up or bring in a female officer to calm me down. We were in that cell for I don't know how long, maybe a couple of hours," says Davis.

Ashleigh's trouble started at Leesburg's bike fest in April of last year. She admits she was drunk, she was disorderly and probably deserved to be arrested.

But not what happened next.

Her bikini top came off as officers arrested her.

She says it stayed off as she was carted through the crowd.

It stayed off when she got to jail and nobody made an effort to cover her up.

While in the holding cell, ashleigh says one of the officers put his hand over her mouth to stop her from yelling.

In return she bit him.

"And once I did that. He got mad, grabbed the back of my head and slammed it into the ground. Try to bite me again and you'll look like the rest of them around here or something like that," says Davis.

She says this is the end result, three of her front teeth chipped.

"I mean that was the most devastating part," says Davis.

Now she's suing.

"I just don't want this to happen again. Yes I am paying for what I did. And I want them to pay for what has happened to me," says Davis.

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