"Pole Cat" Rescued

Friday, October 19, 2012 - 8:36am

Stray cat spends days perched on top of telephone pole.

A group of Las Vegas neighbors worked together this week to save a stranded cat.

It might have been easy to miss the drama at the end of Butterscotch Circle.

The event drawing neighbors into the cold, wet day and easy to miss unless you looked up at the black and white cat perched 45 feet in the air, a cat that has been stuck on a telephone pole for the better part of two days.

It was the getting down that proved difficult.

Residents called nearly everyone for help, with no luck.

It turns out utility companies aren't that interested in rescuing frightened cats on poles, no matter how pitiful.

"It was pouring last night, and we had some really bad wind gusts up here that woke me up out of a sleep. So that poor cat has been through all that," said resident Kathy Olender.

Neighbors gathered said they have tried everything to coax the cat down, even leaving food and water at the base of the pole.

A lucky break came when a very humble good Samaritan who happened to have the right equipment volunteered to climb up the pole.

He asked to remain anonymous and moved like a man on mission.

Just like that, the drama on Butterscotch Circle was over.

The cat and rescuer, back on firm ground, greeted the neighbors who couldn't stop smiling.

The stray cat named Lucky was now safely in the hands of neighbors who chose to care.

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