Plea For Help Pays Off


POSTED: Saturday, February 8, 2014 - 2:00pm

UPDATED: Saturday, February 8, 2014 - 2:09pm

Police chief rushes to rescue 90-year-old woman who posted "Help Me" sign in her window. Katelyn Smith reports.

(WGAL) As thousands make due without power following a winter storm, one Pennsylvania police chief knew he had the power to help, and he literally had a sign to guide him.

90-year-old Evelyn Ovens has lived in a trailer in Conestoga Township for 35 years, and of all the times her nephew Paul Bailey has been there, he still doesn't know the address.

"I knew she was on one of the River Roads," he says.

With relaxed Parkinson's Disease, and in the midst of an ice storm Wednesday morning, instead of stopping over Paul decided to call to check on his aunt.

He got no answer. The power lines and phone lines were down.

His next call was to Southern Regional Police Chief John Fiorill.

"I actually went up and down River Road, I would estimate 15 times," Fiorill says.

Unfortunately, Evelyn lives on River Hill Road, not River Road.

"I kept looking at the thermostat, it was going down and down," she recalls.

A tree limb had come down in her yard. Evelyn had no heat and no phone, just her little dog Sporty by her side.

"I thought 'How am I going to get out of here, how can I get to somebody?'," she says.

She decided to make a sign and put it on her front door, and it worked.

"I knew I was at the right place," Chief Fiorill says. "You know what was really neat, I thought it was ingenious on her part to be able to put a sign up."

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