Platte River Flooding

Thursday, March 3, 2011 - 11:10am

Residents along the Platte River brace for an ice jam flood warning.

Tonight the town of Clarks is under a flood warning. The National Weather Service has issued an Ice Jam Flood Warning for Central Merrick County until 12:30 Thursday afternoon.

News 5's Amy West spent the day in Clarks to find out how those affected are preparing for the worst.

"It's just kind of scary. Mother Nature's going to do what they're going to do," said Lisa Allen.

Right now, Mother Nature has the Platter River spilling in front of Merrick County homes in big slabs of ice.

Lisa Allen has sandbagged her home and kept a close eye on the river.

"We decided that it might be a good idea to move anything that we wanted to keep to the second level. We decided it wasn't a good idea maybe to stay. Everyday is kind of a do we stay or don't we stay?" said Allen.

She said the nights are the hardest with freezing temps that could build up more ice, but residents like Don Watts stay up all night keeping watch on the river.

"We kind of watch the arms on those lawn chairs that's in the water. When it comes over the top of them it's gonna come over the top of the road some place and driving at night that's what we look for," Watts said.

But for these residents the worst is the unknown - if the warm temps are helping or hurting and how will Lake McConaughy releasing water affect them.

"They say they're dumping water from McConaughy. I hope that got it stopped because that would be the end of us here with this ice," said Watts.

"Obviously, if they release a lot of water that could come out here and have more water on the roads," said Merrick County Sheriff Kevin Campbell.

And until the flood warning ends all eyes in Merrick County continue to watch the Platte.

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