Planets align this weekend


POSTED: Thursday, May 23, 2013 - 3:32pm

UPDATED: Friday, May 24, 2013 - 6:59am

A rare occurrence is taking place this weekend, and it will only be around for a short while.  

The planets Mercury, Venus and Jupiter will line up. According to astronomers, this will only happen a few times in our lives.  

You can see the three heavenly bodies on Saturday, Sunday and Monday.  The best time to see them is around sunset.  From the viewpoint from South Texas, the planets will be trailing the sun's daily path.  

"It's neat! You're looking at three planets in the same direction," said UTPA's Nicolas Pereyra. "You can see it with the naked eye, you don't need a telescope... If you do have a telescope, then it starts getting neater, because then you see the faces of Venus, the moons of Jupiter, all in the same direction. So it is a unique event."  

Pereyra says the best time to see the alignment this weekend is sunset on Sunday.  He suggests getting out somewhere to see a clear horizon to the West.  

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