Planes Clipped

Friday, July 15, 2011 - 8:07am

Two planes collide at Boston Logan International Airport.

The National Transportation Safety Board is investigating after two planes collided at Boston Logan International Airport Thursday night. One passenger suffered minor injuries and both planes had serious damage.

Passengers on Delta flight 4904 to Raleigh are rocked by a collision. You can see here the tail of the plane is knocked to the side.

Passenger Jay Copan says "I was half asleep, the next thing you know there is a bang and we all wonder what happened and the pilot comes on and says we've been clipped by the plane behind us."

You can see the damage done to the wing, the passengers abroad that flight saw it happen.

Passenger Johannes Mark says "awfully close, and it just clipped it and the tip of the wing was just sheered right off that I think the whole tail fin came off the other plane."

Passengers on both planes taken off very slowly, surrounded by emergency vehicles.

A passenger says "I think they responded pretty well. They told us to remain calm and they would have someone come out to take care of us quickly and asked if anybody was hurt and luckily mostly everybody was fine."

A passenger says "mostly everybody was calm. The flight attendant did a great job. The pilots did a great job, I thought Delta did a great job. Right now they are getting everybody set with flights for tomorrow, getting us put up in hotels, so no complaints really."

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