Pizza Patron unveils new pizza pie named La Chin@#*%

Tuesday, March 18, 2014 - 12:34pm

Lost in translation, a Texas based pizza chain is generatiing a lot of controversy over its new pie, but it's not the ingredients that are causing the buzz. It's the name of the pie, a popular Mexican slang word that can mean something really good or really offensive, Lydia Pantazes has the story.

"La Chin. hahahaha"

You don't expect this type of reaction, but that's the response we got when we told people the name of the new pizza at Pizza Patron.

"La Chin@#*%,"  So controversial we can't even say it.

Customer, "It's impolite, it's probably something you wouldn't tell your grandma or your mother."

Some people may find the word extremely offensive, but for others it means super cool or awesome, Yesica Cardosa, Pizza Patron, "It's very spicy and it's very good, it has a lot of pepperoni with jalapeno and also fresh jalapeno."

But like the pizza, the name is getting plenty of heat.

Austin Spanish language radio station La Zeta will air the commercial, which is aimed at Pizza Patron's core customer base, Mexican immigrants, but you won't hear the pizza's name.

Chase Rupe, Emmis Communications, "It has to be bleeped, we're not going to air it's unfiltered for sure."

Like us, La Zeta is governed by the FCC

Chase Rupe, Emmis Communications,"We really don't have bright lines as to what we can and can't say so it becomes a local judgment call and we can certainly get fined if we air on the wrong side of that judgment and it's hard to know what is and isn't acceptable, at least in the FCC's eyes."

Violating FCC guidelines can cost thousand of dollars, Pizza Patron says several radio stations across the country are doing the same, but the chain doesn't plan on changing the name.

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