Pit Bull Put to Sleep after Vicious Attack on Child


POSTED: Friday, March 22, 2013 - 4:20pm

UPDATED: Thursday, April 4, 2013 - 6:26am

A child is recovering in the hospital after a vicious pit bull attack.

News Center 23 Reporter Na'Tassia Finley has details on the mauling.

Officials say they don't know what exactly provoked an attack by a pit bull, but they do know the child was feeding the dog when it happened. Immediately after, emergency personnel and Animal Control were called.

"The animal control officer found that the seven year old child was bitten on the head and face and the mother of the child, when she tried to remove the animal from the child, she was bitten as well," said the Brownsville Animal Control Supervisor, Robert Duppong.

The dog and mother were transported to the hospital from a home off of Dulce while the dog was turned over to animal control and put in quarantine for the night and would meet his fate the next morning.

“Since it was a bite above the shoulder we went ahead and euthanized the animal and sent it off to Austin to be tested for rabies," said Duppong.

In the meantime, Animal Control has a reminder for families with dogs.

"If you do have a large animal and you have children, it's always very well to keep the animal under adult supervision and make sure the animal is playing and if the animal does something aggressive it needs to be corrected immediately," said Duppong.

The shelter is expected to have the rabies results back by this weekend.

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Hello folks so many vicious pittbull attack in Arizona(baby mauled and died 4-5 yrs ago idk), in Texas girl died (hard for dad), their everywhere-downgrade this vicious animals..serious..not in my house not with my watch. Around my neighborhood he had to find his pittbull his about to attack me..owner he smile what? ..Attacking police officer..what do you expect his going to kill him. Whose fault ? When their ready they'll eat you alive. Illegalize dangerous animal we save lives of so many..

This happens every day with pitbulls. A good, friendly, family pet until they just become aggressive and attack relentlessly until the death unless stopped. Ban Pitbulls, prevent these daily deeds. Spend 30 minutes daily researching pitbull or dog attacks and be shocked at how often and how severe these attacks are. All dog attack deaths in 2013 are from pitbull attacks. Parents who expose their children to pitbulls should be reported to DHR for child endangerment.

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