Physicians Voice Frustration on Medicare and Medicaid Changes

Wednesday, March 28, 2012 - 9:01am

Valley doctors are outraged with the new Medicare and Medicaid changes that have taken effect locally.

Hundreds of people, who work in the medical field, held a rally to voice their frustration with the changes. The State of Texas recently cut Medicare and Medicaid payments to doctors by as much as 20% and those cuts have forced doctors to take drastic measures in their business. Texas Medical Association President Dr. Bruce Malone stated, "Doctors have literally gone to the bank to borrow money to keep their offices open. That is the deductible issue, but it is going to continue and unless we get it better, I am afraid, we'll see some doctors who just can't work here anymore. They will have to leave and go to a place that there is a better distribution of the payment system.

If doctors start leaving Texas and the Valley, Dr. Malone says, the healthcare in Texas will suffer. In addition, overall costs of medical care will go up. For now doctors are asking people to sign petitions and call their local legislator.

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