Phone Scam Circulating Around Valley

Thursday, February 10, 2011 - 9:39am

He says he's calling to catch up and says he's gong to be passing through and wants to stop by and visit, but first, he pulls his victim into the trap.

The individual is fishing for a name and asks the victim to guess who it is that is calling them. Once the victim mentions a family members name the predator then says that's who calling. This did happened to one elderly victim in Brownsville and she told the man to keep talking so she could figure out the voice and threw out one of her nephews names. The man on the other end of the line agreed that who as calling, but it wasn't.

Brownsville police say the woman learned the hard way of a scam that is happening to people. It is someone stating they are calling from Mexico, but instead are looking to scam their victims out of money. The assumed nephew claimed he was in trouble, that he'd been arrested after a car accident in Mexico and needed money to get out of jail.

The elderly woman, concerned for her family member, then went to a bank and applied for a loan to wire the money to a bank in Mexico. Within hours, the scammer called back say he needed more money because he claimed the accident resulted in injuries and he needed to pay for those expenses. The elderly woman send more  money from her credit card and wired more money once again.

When the supposed nephew never visited her to repay the money the victim called family members in Mexico and was told that the nephew she thought was in trouble was doing fine and well. At that point the victim alerted her bank and called police about the situation.

Police say there is not much they can do since the call originated in Mexico, but do want residents to be aware that this type of scam is circulating in the Valley.

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