Pharmacy Owner Concerned with AARP's Medicare Part D Plan

Wednesday, December 5, 2012 - 11:09am

Pharmacist Robert Autrey, owner of Autrey's Pharmacy, is upset with the change for patients who will be using AARP's Medicare Part D Plan, which will be in affect in January, will hurt his business. Those individuals who select AARP's D Plan will have to get their prescriptions filled from a preferred network provider list and if they don't they could see higher co-pays. Mr. Autrey's concern with the list is that many independently owned pharmacies were not included in AARP's preferred network and the change could have an effect on those independently owned. AARP members can still get the cheaper co-pay at independent pharmacies like his if they switch their plan, "Go online and choose another plan before December 7th, there are several plans beneficial to them there is Medco D Silver Script, there is CC RX."

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