Phantom Alert

Wednesday, March 23, 2011 - 2:33pm

Controversial mobile App warns motorists about police checkpoints and red light cameras.

Four U.S. Senators are calling Apps like this harmful to public safety and when it comes to police departments there are definitely some mixed reactions.
Phantom Alert CEO says there has been more than 109,000 downloads of this App in the Seattle area.

One person who owns the App, Mike Cheney, says "I'm not concerned about getting a ticket. I'm more concerned about the safety aspect. A lot of people who deal with the red light cameras, they don't know they're coming up on one."

Others download the App for about $10 a month strictly to avoid red light cameras and spots where officers are running traffic enforcement.

So what do police departments think? In Bellevue, Washington, where red light cameras have been operating for about a year, roughly 23,000 tickets have been issued. The police department says they have no issue with an App that alerts drivers to the city's safety programs.

Officer Carla Iafrate says "I think it's great. Any time you can alert the public to a safety program in any city, I think it's goood news. That way, people's driving habit awareness and safety awareness has gone up and if that's what this application does, then more power to it."

Senators Harry Reid of Nevada, Charles Schumer of New York, Tom Udall of New Mexico, and Frank Lautenberg of New Jersey say they don't like the App because it alerts drivers to where DUI checkpoints are.

Overall, the Phantom Alert CEO maintains that this is an App that makes drivers think twice about their driving habits.

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