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POSTED: Wednesday, February 27, 2013 - 5:32pm

UPDATED: Thursday, February 28, 2013 - 9:12am

When she snaps a photo, it's never to capture a smiling face or buzzing human interaction. When Victoria Cruz pulls out her camera, it's to capture the beauty of nature.

"Sometimes you get so stressed with school and homework. And just being out here, outside of the city, is just, my sanctuary," said Victoria Cruz, NANPA Scholarship Winner.

Out on the Laguna Seca Ranch, north of Edinburg, Cruz has completed her best work; pictures that are getting her national recognition.

"I received the NANPA scholarship, the North American Nature Photography Association," said Cruz.

This year, she was the only applicant from Texas chosen and is receiving this honor at the ripe young age of 14 years old.

"It is rare for someone that young to win one of these scholarships. The kids who are nominated for these scholarships come from all over the world," said Ruth Hoyt, Photographer.

Hoyt has been mentoring Cruz for almost two years and is helping develop Cruz's raw talent.

But Cruz's talent might not have been discovered if it hadn't been for a supportive family and a continued drive to do what she loved.

"Connect with people about your passion," said Cruz. "Sometimes they don't understand you, but just have to keep going forward, you will eventually find someone who understands you and it is just the necessary push to go into whatever you want to do."

Cruz has also made a business venture out of her photography by turning her still photographs into note cards. If you are interested in some of her work, you can email her at  

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