Pee Prank Ruins Water

Thursday, June 16, 2011 - 8:23am

Facility drained after man caught urinating in Portland, Oregon water supply.

Over eight million gallons of drinking water had to be drained from a reservoir in Portland, Oregon after a 21-year-old man was caught on tape urinating in the pool.

Surveillance video shows the man unzipping and urinating in Reservoir Number One at about 1:30 Thursday morning.

David Shaff with the Portland Water Bureau says the moment security spotted the man and his friends they shut down the supply.

"It was a split second thing and as soon as I was done I was like oh man and I saw the police officer show up I knew gut instinct, I knew exactly what they're here for," the man said afterward.

The Water Bureau decided to drain eight million gallons of water, which cost taxpayers roughly $32,700.

"More likely than not, a tiny bit of urine in 8 million gallons of water isn't going to hurt anybody. I guess Im responding in part to the yuck factor," says Shaff.

"The water is chlorinated, but its chlorinated before the reservoirs so the water in the reservoir is the water that you drink," adds Portland City Commissioner Randy Leonard.

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