Pct. 54 Recounted But Still No Winner


POSTED: Tuesday, November 23, 2010 - 10:25pm

UPDATED: Wednesday, November 24, 2010 - 9:05am

Just after 3 PM Tuesday the election administrator went into the election's office to recount the votes from Precinct 54. Several hours later there was a big crowd of people surrounding Wood as he came out. These are the numbers Wood says following the recount.

"Mr. Cascos with 299 and me with 366 in this precinct"

We spoke with Election's Administrator Roger Ortiz.

"It came out identical, there was no change than it was the first time those votes came out with the same total for Box 54. With this recount puts Wood by 5."

Wood says this is the next step.

"It's going before a county commission I don't know what day, normally the county judge sets the agenda and schedules the agenda."

In addition Monday night judge Carlos Cascos went to the election administrator and says there were 69 votes in his favor that didn't make it to the summary sheet of Roger Ortiz. Monday Ortiz admitted there was an error. The three agreed that judge Cascos and commissioner Wood would review all of their tally sheets and compare them to Ortiz's summary sheet Tuesday. That didn't happen here is what commissioner Wood and the election administrator had to say.

"Summarizing and comparison has not taken place yet, summarizing and reviewing it, no, I have not, I still have some folks looking at it." Wood said.
"Thats not up to me they have talked about it and decided not to do it tonight i could tell you why." Oritz said.

We contacted judge Cascos who says he turned in his numbers and compared them with Ortiz. Cascos says that Ortiz agreed with him won he won by 64 votes. Cascos added he's not sure why Wood did not do his numbers when he agreed on it Monday night.

The canvassing for Pct. 54 could be as early as next week...
Ortiz says the 69 Cascos say that didn't make it the tally sheet have not been canvassed and that is still to be determined by what the code might say.

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