Pawlenty Joins The Race

Monday, May 23, 2011 - 2:44pm

Former Minnesota governor is latest to join GOP presidential field.

Former Governor of Minnesota Tim Pawlenty went to Iowa Monday to formally declare his bid for the presidency.

Pawlenty is seen as "boring" by many, and hasn't excited the GOP base.

Some Republicans worry their party is in trouble after popular Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels said Sunday he won't run.

"Mitch Daniels would have been extremely valuable in the race," says The Hill's Cheri Jacobus. "I think he could have been the one to beat Obama. I think we have a strong bench."

On Sunday Congressional star Paul Ryan, who's leading the GOP budget battle, said he's not running.

Still, he got a big blessing on Monday from House Majority Leader Eric Cantor, who said he hopes Ryan does run.

Off to a rough start, declared candidate Newt Gingrich insisted the reports of his campaign's death are highly exaggerated.

Still undeclared, former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney looks to many like the GOP frontrunner.

He's well financed and battle tested from a run in 2008.

Pawlenty, meanwhile, is hoping Republicans get more excited about him.

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