Parents Escorted Off of School Grounds


POSTED: Friday, December 3, 2010 - 11:13am

UPDATED: Monday, December 6, 2010 - 4:03pm

Some parents, whose children attend Dr. Pablo Perez Elementary, were kicked off school grounds after they were trying to meet with the school principal.

"As parents we don't know what's happening inside in school we're not allowed to walk our kids to school, we're not allowed to visit them and now yesterday we were asking for an appointment, we were treated like criminals." Those were the feelings of some kindergarten parents after they were kicked out of school by police as they were trying to meet with the principal .

"She's been canceling all of the appointments and when we finally had an appointment we had something that came up and when I asked her to reschedule it she said she could reschedule it. She had not time to talk to us and all we want is to present to the principal that we would like to have a graduation ceremony for kinder and the problem is that base on her, her answer was this is her school and she'll do in this school what ever she wants."

The parents we spoke to say if they were treated that way, they question how the principal may be treating students at the school. The McAllen school district is currently looking into the matter and will continue to investigate the claims from the parents.

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I have a child who attends this school. Mrs Sarachene is a good pricipal. Her staff are the best. As a parent, I've attended the morning rally and Mrs Sarachene does a great way of starting the kids off. My other child graduated from Pablo elementary last year and she loved it.The teaching staff are very helpful and love their students. As a father who attends most of the functions at school, I wish them well.

Furthermore, I would like to know where this reporter received his credentials. Having taken journalism courses myself, I can't believe this reporter did not investigate this story fully. The news director should have caught this before it aired. Not having investigative reporting may be part of the reason why this news station does not have the ratings that other stations do. Viewers watch credible news stations to get the facts.

The parent who instigated the whole thing, Sonia Silva, should be ashamed of herself. I recognize her from the report. Being a district employee herself she showed no loyalty or consideration for a fellow collegue or McAllen ISD. The other parents are followers who should get their facts straight before ignorantly jumping on a one-sided "band-wagon." Graduations are meaningful and valued when they are done at the end of a child's academic career - hence, Senior Graduation......

Lastly, there are parents who devote their time helping their child achieve academic success and there are parents who devote their time trying to knock down good educators for their own egos, not for the best interest of their child. These parents are the latter.

Also, I witnessed many students who sought her to invite her to their high school graduation because she genuinely cared about them. These parents should be ashamed of themselves for twisting the facts to make the Perez principal look bad just because their egos were hurt. What exactly is the purpose of kinder graduation? Just in case their kids don’t make it to high school graduation? Shouldn’t we concentrate on teaching kids about intrinsic rewards?

Is News 23 so desperate for a story that it doesn’t even check for veracity of the “story”. For the reporter who doesn’t know how to spell principal correctly, veracity means truth. The Perez principal is a highly revered person who whole-heartedly dedicates herself to students and staff. She is a genuinely caring individual and makes a positive impact on students valley-wide as a teacher, counselor, assistant-principal and principal.

Yes. Did the reporter know that the parents are the ones who canceled the meeting and then wanted to show up anyway? I'm sure not. Instead he grandstanded at the school, upsetting students and teachers. How horrible for a station and parents whose greatest concern in life is a kinder graduation (Who started this ridiculous "event" anyway?) to disrupt a place where children are so happy?

And still missed the "principle" in the third paragraph that should be "principal."

Our school district is on the other side of DFW. We have children in each schools level (E,Jr,Sr).We've been consistently seeing school staff & districts forget they're paid to facilitate the education of our children.They fail to realize the paycheck does NOT give them authority to usurp the rights/authority of parents. They forget they have an obligation to be accountable/RESPECTFUL to parents, adult to adult; parents are NOT the naive kids they intimidate & direct. FIRE her in "HER SCHOOL"(?)

I think parents have the right to meet with school officials. But to the person that wrote this article please the person that runs a school is call a principal not principle

Also, why hasn't channel 23 said all the good things about Ms. Sarachene? Why do you try to make someone feel bad without having all the facts? The parents involved in this situation should be ashamed of themselves for making a scene in front of all the other parents and students that were at Perez at the time. It is sad to make the principal of the school your child attends look bad. They owe her an apology. Send your child some where else if you are not happy.

One more thing I want to say about Ms. Sarachene.....She has never not allowed parents to visit the school. Perez is very secured and she loves the students and that is why she has everything secured. If the building was not secured the parents would be complaining the building was not safe. Not having kindergarten graduation should be a reason to say horrible things about such a nice person. She has survived cancer and has battled many challenges and I feel we should support her decisions.

The parents that are making these comments about Ms. Sarachene, the principal from Dr. Pablo Perez Elementary School are completely wrong about her. She is such a good principal with a loving heart. I am a parent that knows the situation and I know for a fact Mrs. Silva cancelled her meeting with Ms. Sarachene and the other 7 parents have never even spoken to Ms. Sarachene this entire school year. How sad to treat Ms. Sarachene this way when she is so loved by the students. By their kids too!

THIS is news? What ever happened to responsible journalism? Does KVEO know anything at all about this school or this principal? (By the way, principal is spelled "princip-a-l.") If you ever stood outside this school, you would see how children run inside, thrilled to enter the doors of this school. When you go to assemblies there, you can actually feel the students' love for their principal.
What a sad time when such irresponsible journalism makes the local "headlines."

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