Parents and brother of teenage girl allegedly attack her boyfriend and his family


POSTED: Wednesday, April 9, 2014 - 5:30pm

UPDATED: Thursday, April 10, 2014 - 9:23am

One family in Mission went to extreme measures to prevent their teenage daughter from dating.

Three family members are facing felony charges after attacking the boyfriend of their 17-year-old daughter. Authorities say they went after her boyfriend at his home with a rifle.

On Sunday afternoon, Baldomero Cortes--along with his wife, Ana Maria, and 18-year-old son, Artemio--showed up to a house in Mission looking for his daughter, Evelyn.

Evelyn is dating 20-year-old Victor, and her family does not approve of the relationship.

Earlier that day, Evelyn's brother, Artemio, came to Victor's house on the 100 block of Rancho de Rey in Mission and allegedly smashed the windows with a baseball bat.

A few hours later, Artemio and his parents returned to the residence to go after Victor.

The confusing part is that the boyfriend and his brother are both named Victor.  The one dating Evelyn is 20-years-old, and the younger one, who is 17-years old, was the one home at the time of the invasion.

"The father looking for his daughter didn't know the difference," explained Sgt. Manny Casas.  "He didn't know which was which, so he thought that was the one that had his daughter, but it wasn't.  This was the younger one, the older brother is the one that was dating the [daughter]."

Casas says the father had the barrel of the rifle pointed at the younger brother's chest thinking that he was the boyfriend.  The boy's mother and stepfather tried to protect him and told Baldomero that he wasn't the one dating his daughter.

Artemio was the one who realized that the boyfriend wasn't there and that the father was actually threatening the boyfriend's younger brother.

By the time the Cortes family started retreating from the home, police arrived at the scene and found the loaded rifle inside their vehicle--along with an additional surprise.

"In the back seat was a baby in a baby seat asleep, all while the family was inside the house fighting, the baby was in the car asleep," said Casas.

That baby is now in the care of family members while its parents and brother are behind bars for burglary of habitation with commission of a felony.

Casas says that the family didn't give specific details as to why they were so upset with the girl's boyfriend.

"They didn't tell us why they didn't like him, they just didn't approve of it.  But they're adults, they can date.  The father and mother don't approve of it, well that's something that they have to deal with."

The displeasure of the boyfriend will cost the Cortes family a pretty penny.  Baldomero is in jail with a $200,000 since he was the one yielding the weapon and threatening to kill Victor.  The mother, Ana Maria, has a $5,000 bond.  The girl's brother, Artemio, has a $5,000 bond for the burglary plus a $2,000 for the criminal mischief charge after he broke the windows with a baseball bat earlier in the day.

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