Pancho Claus hits the streets of Houston

Saturday, December 28, 2013 - 8:22am

A Texas icon hit the streets this Christmas to spread some Holiday cheer. Wearing a Zoot suit and riding around in a low-rider, Pancho Claus was out in Houston delivering toys to families in need, Amanda Perez reports.

Rick Bennevendo, "That's when we know Pancho Claus is on his way, it's always a joy to see Pancho Claus and all the smiles on the kids faces, he always brings joy to the kids in the neighborhood, so it's great to see that."

With a red, white and green taxi and a black Fedora, Pancho Claus hit the streets, showing it doesn't take a sleigh to spread Christmas cheer, "He didn't have a sleigh, he had a bike."

Richard Reyes is Houston's version of Pancho Claus. He says it began with a play he performed 32 years ago and then turned in to this, "If you're going to get toys at a neighborhood center, you've got to go there in October to register, so a lot of parents didn't find the time or remember, so we're a good surprise on Christmas day."

The toys are for the little ones, but it's clear adults like to see Pancho Claus as well, coming out to their porches to get a glimpse, Anthony Zapata, "A blessing you know, like I said, especially for people who ain't got nothing, it's fun, what he does, got a big heart."

Pancho Claus also has the support of the community, toys are donated and sponsors include the Precinct  6 Constables Office, who escorted the low rider procession through the city streets.

A morning of joy that all began with a unique version of a Christmas classic.

"When you're riding down there on the inner streets, I want you to remember to roll down the window and yell to the night, Feliz Navidad Todos, if you have one all right."

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