Palmview Opens New Chamber of Commerce To Help Businesses

Thursday, July 19, 2012 - 8:13am

PALMVIEW - Agave is a new restaurant in Palmview, opening their doors for the first time June 29th.

 "Everything has been going great, business has been picking up, a lot of people coming back liking the food, having a good time," said Guy Hatley, Agave Chef.

They are one of the many new businesses opening up in the area. In a recent report by CNBC, Texas ranked number one in the country for business. And cities like Palmview, helped the state capture this rating.

"Palmview doesn't have any type of food, as far as to this standard. We have gone one step above and beyond in bringing something different and fresh to Palmview. And I think the people in Palmview need something like this and will enjoy it," said Hatley.

But every new business needs a boost to get customers coming in the door. That's why they turned to the new Chamber of Commerce in Palmview for help.

The Chamber started up June 20th, and Chamber President Linda Sarabia said they have much to offer the business community.

"The Chamber of Commerce will provide education and exposure, networking. Right now there are a lot of businesses in Palmview, but we are not all connected," said Sarabia.

The businesses range from convenience stores to car shops to restaurants.

"About 150 businesses have licenses to operate in our area. So we are hoping and anticipating that they will all join us," said Sarabia.

Agave joined quick, knowing any little bit of support will help this new business.

If you want to sign your business up for the Palmview Chamber of Commerce, call Palmview City Hall or visit!/PalmviewChamberOfCommerce

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