Palmview Fire Threatens Neighborhood

POSTED: Wednesday, March 4, 2009 - 10:13pm

UPDATED: Thursday, February 25, 2010 - 11:32am

A late-afternoon fire threatened a neighborhood in Palm View
and put area fire crews to work for several hours.
tonight -- dozens of acres are burned and the flames are out.
The fire took place on Greene Road, near old Business 83.
Tonight, as the sunset, tired firefighters, dragged in their hoses....with a victory on their hands.
"The fire crews did an excellent job and with the task force, we have here in Hidalgo County, the response time is excellent, and the work ethic of the firefighters is excellent."
Hidalgo County's Deputy Fire Marshal, Juan Martinez says, two abandoned homes were destroyed in the blaze, along with another abandoned home, which was partially damaged.
"When it was moving, it was pretty dangerous, we did have an occupied house in the direct line of the fire," he says.
Palm View resident, Lino Sanchez says, he's relieved he still has his home,tonight, because when he saw the flames he got worried.
"It's pretty scary, one of the abandoned homes caught fire and i really thought it was going to bring the fire down this way, because it was so windy," Sanchez says.
Just to be safe, he says, he took matters into his own hands.
"I kept throwing water on top of my roof and in my yard."
This fire, also proved to be challenging for firefighters.
"We're a lot more cautious when entering on these types of fires, we want to make sure, there's nothing that will hurt the firefighters."
Firefighters from all over the Valley, Palm View, Sullivan City, Mcallen, and Mission... all kept this blaze from spreading out of control.
Palm View residents like, Lino, say, they couldn't be more thankful.
"Every city, yeah, really happy, that they were all pitching in," he says.
The Deputy Fire Marshal says, at this time they are still investigating the cause of this blaze, and they are not ruling out arson.
Nobody was injured and no occupied homes burned down.

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