Palm Valley Animal Center offering holiday adoption discount

Palm Valley Animal Center offering holiday adoption discount
Friday, December 20, 2013 - 3:20pm

People across the Valley are finishing up their holiday shopping this weekend, and the mall isn't the only place to find great deals on gifts for your loved ones.

Palm Valley Animal Center is having a holiday adoption discount in an effort to send more pets off to families that will love them.

"We're having a special beginning Saturday running through Monday [with] a $50 discount on all dogs and most all cats as well," said Tim Ousley, Executive Director for PVAC.

The holidays are typically a popular time to give a pet as a gift to family members, but with the large number of dogs and cats that come to the animal center each day, Ousley hopes more people will skip the pet store and choose to adopt from the shelter.

"These are either abandoned or unwanted animals, and we average intake over a hundred animals a day," Ousley explained.  "And we really wanted to get animals into homes and out of the shelter for the holiday season."

Normally, puppies at PVAC are around $160, but with the $50 holiday discount plus a $50 spay/neuter rebate, you could bring home a puppy and give him a good home for the holidays for just $60.

"It's just a spectacular deal for the weekend all for the Christmas holidays to help maybe families that are looking for a pet but have limited funds and would like to get their child or family member a pet for the holidays," said Ousley.


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