Owners of a Fort Worth funeral home are facing charges of abuse of a corpse

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Monday, July 21, 2014 - 9:33am

Both owners of the Johnson Family Funeral Home in Fort Worth are facing charges of abuse of a corpse. Police found the remains of eight people, including two stillborn babies, unattended inside the mortuary on Tuesday. That was two weeks after the landlord had told the Johnson's to vacate, Lauren Zakalik has more.

Rachel Hardy Johnson didn't have a thing to day Friday as police walked her in cuffs into the Fort Worth jail, "We're not neglecting any of those bodies, yes there may have been some things that were done inappropriately."

She had plenty to say just 48 hours earlier?

Rachel Hardy Johnson, "I give my sincere apologies. This was not done maliciously."

As Johnson tried apologizing to the Vasquez family for leaving their loved one Victoria's body alone inside the funeral home, instead of cremating her, as promised.

Lupe Mata, Decedent's Sister, "My knees just bent, I just wanted to drop to the floor."

News of Johnson's arrest shook Victoria's sister Lupe to her core, "I was like thank God! Thank God! Ya know?"

Yvonne Stewart had the same reaction. Police found her great aunt Helen Jones decomposing inside the mortuary too, still wearing her funeral outfit from April.

Sgt. Raymond Bush, Ft. Worth Police, "Our homicide unit is doing a fantastic job with a very complicated case."

The mortuary has long been on the state's radar. As recently as December, the state ordered the mortuary to cease and desist because they didn't have a funeral director.

Hours after Rachel's arrest, there was till no sign of Dondre, even at his home.

The families of his alleged victims, with a message, "Why you running? Why you avoiding facing reality? You know, you said you had a reality show coming. So here's reality. Step in and take your place."

That reality show Yvonne Stewart refers to was a show called "Good Grief" which was set to star the family and air on Lifetime.

Lifetime says it has no plans to ever air it.

As for the charges against the Johnson's, they are misdemeanors, punishable by up to one year in jail and $4,000 dollars in fines.

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