Over The River And Through The Woods

Friday, November 18, 2011 - 11:09am

More people are expected to travel for Thanksgiving this year.

An estimated 42.5 million people will be jamming America's airports and highways this holiday season.

For many of your fellow travelers, the driving factor is cost.

"In 2011 it's 20 percent more to buy an air ticket and it's about six percent more to get a hotel room but on the other side car rentals are down by 11 percent in terms of rates," notes AAA Travel Service's Bill Sutherland.

While 40 percent of travelers say they're scaling back plans this year because of the economy air travel is expected to be up.

The TSA is easing some of its security procedures.

Full body scanners are getting a software upgrade.

There'll be no more R-rated images, and children under age 12 get to keep their shoes on while going through security, but there will still be plenty to complain about.

90 percent of travelers are getting behind the wheel, but that flexibility comes at a price.

Gas is about 50 cents a gallon more than it was last year.

AAA says this year's pattern is more about pent up demand than economic fear.

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