Over a Ton of Marijuana Seized by Sheriff's Department


POSTED: Friday, November 4, 2011 - 8:06am

UPDATED: Thursday, November 8, 2012 - 3:45pm

CAMERON COUNTY - More than a ton of marijuana is off the street after the Cameron County Sheriff Department made one of their biggest drug bust of the year.

Bundles of marijuana were confiscated on Wednesday totaling nearly 2,300 pounds after they received a search warrant for a home near La Feria on FM 2556. Valente Solis Martinez and Ernesto Rolando Cortina were arrested and have been charged with possession of marijuana. Sheriff Omar Lucio said the bust is significant in size and these large seizures are becoming more common as smugglers become more aggressive. "That is a lot. That is over two thousand pounds, that is a ton, there is a lot of marijuana here right now and it is from different parts of Mexico. There is no question and the investigation is continuing at the present time."

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This is just plain ridicules to blame innocent people just because they passed by the place an accusation like this is just to strong it hurts the reputation of innocent people i know these people very very well i can assure you that this is not true police need to really do investigation well before blaming such offense it puts peoples liberty on the risk and it is not fair for the family to have to go trough such hard thing i think things should be considered like the past criminal history and start looking for reason to not blàme other than blaming, i dont know if the law get any reward for removing drugs of the streets but they need to do a good job of finding the person who is guilty of it, just because it is the law it doesnt mean that it is right if they can take a youngs life by mistake they can mistake of one guilt so police do your real investigation and look elswhere because these men are innocent. ....... :(

my son ernesto cortina is innocent they made a mistake wrong person if they know their facts. know when I found out about the arrest and newspaper and news. I got sick worse than I was. my high blood pressure was out of control and too date its still high even medication, now I have to take anxiety pills and since my son is still locked up. I pray he gets out. thank you. If I live to see him.

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