Over 70% of the Valley is obese or overweight

Friday, February 8, 2013 - 8:03am

“I basically want to show everyone out there that it can be done you don’t need plastic surgery you don’t need pills you don’t need an eating disorder it can be done by yourself at home in a gym and just naturally I just want to show everyone out there that you can do it all it takes is will power and dedication.”
Overweight Brownsville resident, Venessa Mandujano wants to lose weight to stay healthy.
“At the end of the day I want to be healthy to live a longer life of course”
So we have been following Mandujano for a little over a month to see her weight loss progress. Over those 4 and half weeks Mandujano has been working with a personal trainer.
“There is weight loss in the beginning weeks of exercise but it doesn’t necessarily translate into fat loss so there is a big difference there the first weeks that you change your nutrition and you start working out you will start seeing a lot of water weight loss but that doesn’t necessarily mean you’re losing body fat. So you want to give your body at least 6 weeks so where you can see a good change in the mirror and on the scale.”
Mandujano has plenty of company.
“According to the University of Texas Health Science Center the combined obesity and overweight percentage in the Rio Grande Valley is over 70% and around 50% of those adults have diabetes.”
On top of self esteem issues linked to obesity there are also physical health concerns.
“Obesity does drive diseases such as type 2 diabetes which we suffer from very much so in the valley because Hispanic people are at a higher rate of sensitivity for type 2 diabetes.”
Not only does this raise health concerns but financial concerns as well.
“The financial issue in the valley with respect to diabetes is much more so than the medication or the access to health care but it’s also your employability with respect to how long you can be employed how long you can be covered by health insurance.”
Mandujano has been losing weight currently she lost 6 pounds. While she’s happy about the amount she lost on the scale she continues to stay focus on her overall health so she won’t have to deal with any obesity related illnesses including diabetes.
Reporting from Brownsville, Abigail Camilo KVEO Newscenter 23.

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