Out With The Trash

Monday, March 12, 2012 - 9:14am

Woman rescued after falling into apartment building's trash chute

A Georgia woman is lucky to be alive after falling into her apartment complex's garbage chute.

Amanda Still, 19, was trapped for at least an hour early Sunday morning.

"I can't believe I was in that thing," Still said. "I just can't believe how they would get me out. I thank God I'm alive."

Still said she returned home after a night out with friends and accidentally threw her cell phone, along with some trash, into a garbage chute.

She then leaned inside and tried to fish it out.

"I saw the phone. It was right there," Still said. "I would never have fell in, but I had on flip flops. They slipped, and I went all the way down."

Still was with a friend who called 911 after he couldn't get her out.

Dunwoody Police and DeKalb County firefighters responded at about 5:45 a.m.

They found her stuck upside down between the first and second floors.

"You could see the top of her feet from where you throw the trash in," said Dunwoody Police Sgt. Fidel Espinoza. "Fortunately, there was some compacted trash that stopped her from falling into the compactor itself."

Rescue crews had to remove the trash compactor, which was bolted to the floor, to pull her out.

"It scared me. I was shaking," Still said.

She was taken to the hospital but suffered only cuts and bruises.

Paramedics told her it could have been much worse.

"I'm lucky to be alive," she said.

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