Ospry Nest Web Cam

Thursday, March 29, 2012 - 9:49am

An osprey nest is getting a lot of attention, thanks to the web cam perched above it.

Some lucky bird watchers got a front row seat for an osprey chick hatching from its egg in Dunedin, Florida, and they did not even have to leave their desks.

The tiny chick emerged in a perch high above a golf course, while viewers could watch it unfold thanks to a web cam focused on the nest.

The camera has been in place since 2009 with tens of thousands of viewers from around the world tuned in to see the mating pair lay eggs and fledge their young.

"There's a little soap opera to every nest and what's going on around that nest and
I think that it brings out some adventure for us," said Barbara Walker, a raptor conservationist from the Clearwater Audubon Society.

The pair of osprey has been nesting on a perch above the St. Andrew's Links Golf Course for about a dozen years.

Last year, officials say more than 33,000 people tuned in to the webcam.

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