Ortiz Hired as Consultant


POSTED: Monday, January 21, 2013 - 8:57am

UPDATED: Monday, January 21, 2013 - 1:03pm

Holding signs saying no Roger Ortiz members of the group Citizen's Against Voter Abuse were at Friday mornings Cameron County commissioner meeting asking commissioners to vote against hiring the former election administrator Roger Ortiz as a consultant for a maximum of a month. Mary Helen Flores one of those.

"In our opinion it's rewarding 10 years of poor job performance, he didn't finish the job he should have finished in the beginning, to finish it now we should get more qualified officials from the secretary of state office with any help he needs help with."

Ortiz stepped down from the elections position January 7th. The new election administrator Christopher Davis took over shortly after. Davis told commissioners there was some work he needed help to complete from the past administration.

"There had not been a lot of reports done for various reasons one the timing of the elections we had run off elections recount elections consequently some the reports that have to be at the secretary of state office are already delinquent the secretary of state gave us to end of the month to comply with the reports or there could be some ramifications Mr. Ortiz has been there and knows how to complete these reports it was best or most efficient way to get these reports done quickly.

Ortiz's contract expires on or before Feb. 15.
He will be paid 75 dollars an hour.

"It caps out a $5,000 if he finishes before it will be less, I am being assured by the new elections administrator, Mr Ortiz confirmed that he could get this done on or before February 15th."

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