Orinoco Crocodiles Arrive at the Gladys Porter Zoo

Thursday, October 20, 2011 - 8:10am

BROWNSVILLE - The Gladys Porter Zoo greeted two new family members to it's exhibit as two critically endangered Orinoco crocodiles made their first public appearance at the zoo.

Blade, 14 foot male, and Suede, a 11 foot female, were shipped from the Seaway Serpitarium in Welland, Canada after the pair had outgrown their holding tanks. Blade and Suede will be housed in a former American alligator exhibit next to the Flamingo exhibit. Gladys Porter Zoo spokesperson Cristina Caballero stated, "It's a big deal for us because wer are going to be able to get a pair of mating crocodiles. We are hoping to be able to breed them and place them back into the wild which is really big because our goal is always to preserve these lifelines and species that are dwindling in the wild."

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