Organics Are All The Rage

Monday, May 23, 2011 - 7:20am

Figures show that as the availability of organic foods has increased so too has the demand.

For many, skimping, saving and cutting corners became a way of life during the recession but, obviously, not always on what they ate.

Organic food sales increased last year by eight percent over the year before, with some sectors of the organic market up more than 30 percent.

Despite the fact that people are watching their budget, a trade group's research shows they're also continuing to spend on organic versus non-organic.

"And I think that speaks to the fact that people say 'I'm willing to compromise on a lot of things'”, says AOL Consumer Advisor Regina Lewis. “And it's a trade off, maybe they've put back a 12-pack of soda, and they spring for the organic chicken."

Sales of free range, no antibiotic, no hormone, organic chicken -- and beef -- have to be included in the conversation.

Sales of organic meat are way up, and although prices are still far from chicken feed, they're actually dropping.

"So instead of being 20% to 100% more, now it might start to be 5 - 10% more, and that's when people say, ‘If it's not going to really eat into my overall budget, I'm going to go for it’", says Lewis.

An explanation for the price drop might be that, not that long ago, organics were found only at a farmers market or specialty store.

These days, conventional grocers are also well-stocked with a variety of organic offerings.

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