Organic Growth

Monday, December 3, 2012 - 4:41pm

A small organic farm in McLean County, Illinois is getting international recognition.

An organic farmer in McLean County, Illinois is getting international recognition for her growing methods.

The farm is seen as a model for poor countries looking for creative ways to grow food.

The crops are abundant.

"I have amalant, and then I have kale, collards, spinach, red Russian," says farmer Janet Zintimbila.

She also has company: visitors from the African nation of Burundi and a development consultant from Poland.

"Our plan is to harvest everything that is on the ground, freeze it, and come February, we want to have a big fundraiser to be able to raise some funds to be able to support our garden as well as support the Burundi who are here," said Zintimbila.

"Burundi isn't keeping up with the population growth; just simply not producing enough food," said development consultant June Lavelle, "and we have to be able to use intensive agricultural practices but without--there's no money for pesticides and fertilizer, so we have to use basically organic methods."

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