Operation Crackdown; demolishing abandoned homes in Harlingen

Tuesday, December 17, 2013 - 8:36am

Run down and abandoned homes with ties to crime are being demolished in Harlingen, Na'tassia Finley has more on Operation Crackdown.

This will be their 18th house this trip, homes tied to criminal activity are getting demolished throughout the week by the Texas National Guard.

Harlingen Mayor Chris Boswell, "They've tagged the inside of this house as a territory and we know that gang members hang out in there, there is drug activity in here."

This is the third time the joint counter drug task force has visited Harlingen as part of Operation Crackdown, to rid the city of these abandoned homes.

Texas National Guard CDR., Suzanne Adkinson, "We're taking drug proceeds and people off the streets and using their money to we get assets, here to rent this stuff to knock down these kinds of houses."

In attendance, among city officials and law enforcement, local fifth graders to help get the demolition process started.

The commander says that not only does tearing down homes like this gets crime out of the community but it helps to rid streets of unsightly rundown homes, "The neighbors will come out here and say, "Man we are so happy you did this for us."

To date the 55 structures here in Harlingen have been torn down with the help of Operation Crackdown.

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