One Night Chef

Friday, April 8, 2011 - 8:46am

Nepalese chef serves up meals in your home to raise money for his impoverished homeland.

What if you could feast on gourmet cuisine in the comfort of your own home all while helping a good cause?

That's the vision of the One Night Chef, a man now working in Wichita, Kansas as an aerospace engineer who never forgot his humble beginnings.

Until now cooking had always been a hobby for Surya Ramjali, something he picked up as a resident assistant in college and used as a way to meet the students on his floor.

Several years later he speaks like a seasoned chef and his food speaks for itself.

It's an unlikely journey from a village in the mountains of Nepal a primitive place reached only on foot until dirt roads arrived in 2006.

At 4-years-old Surya left for boarding school.

He attended college in the United States and later moved to Wichita.

Most kids from his home village Wahket get their education at a primary school that until recently ended after Grade Five.

By raising money he hopes the school can expand to include a high school curriculum.

The one night chef works like this: Surya will come to your home and host a small get together, typically four people or less.

He charges a flat fee to cover expenses.

The donation is up to you.

Consider it a tip for his services with all profits going to the school in Nepal.

The idea is still in the early stages, but Surya has big goals.

He has no plans to stop cooking anytime soon.

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