One Dead Following Home Invasion & Pursuit

Thursday, February 16, 2012 - 9:58am

The Hidalgo County Sheriff's department says that one suspect is dead following a home invasion and pursuit.

The Hidalgo County Sheriff department says it all started a home near 8 mile and La Homa.
A homeowner told the sheriff's department his home had been invaded by two suspects.
A couple minutes after deputies spotted the vehicle and a pursuit lead them to 6 1/2 mile road and Bensten Palm.

"Driver and passenger bailed out there are suspected armed robbers, ran through a canal,ran through a brush to the backyard and deputies are in hot pursuit."

The sheriff says during the pursuit the suspects opened fire at the deputies. Their deputies did not fire back for the safety of resident in the area. On the other side of the street the sheriff's department had another team set up.

"Our tactical officer had advised him to drop the weapon he didn't , he raised the weapon at that point the tactical officer shot him more than 1 time."

That suspect ended up dying. The sheriff says another suspects ran into a nearby home.

"We asked the bad guy to come out 50 minutes later he can out with his hands up without incident."

This woman who lives in the area was not allowed to drive through at the street was blocked off.

" It wrong there are a lot people, there is a lot of kids in the street."

The sheriff says that there will be several investigations will be done with this case.

"A regular crime investigation, the home invasion the pursuit, the attempted capital murder of our deputies."

The sheriff says there will also be an investigation to make the deputies followed protocol during this incident.

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