One Arrest Made, One Pending; Indian Lake Police Looking for $25k in Stolen Property


POSTED: Monday, July 11, 2011 - 2:39pm

UPDATED: Tuesday, July 12, 2011 - 11:30pm

They have the man behind the crime, behind bars, but now investigators in Indian Lake are trying to track down where the stolen items are being stashed.

"Current currency, antique currency, antique coins, jewelry and other valuables, were inside the safe,” says Indian Lake Police Chief John Chambers.

The Indian Lake Police Chief says 36 year old Vincente Atkinson broke into the victim's home off of South Azteca Cove back in may and stole an entire safe; the estimated value of the property inside, about 25-thousand dollars. The accused was arrested Friday afternoon.

Chief Chambers and his investigators first looked at possible suspects who live right there in the small town. He says it's usually pretty difficult for a burglar to come into a small community and commit a crime when everyone knows everyone; an outsider driving through their streets would have stood out.

That's when Atkinson's name came up and police started looking a little closer into him and his criminal history. At that point the pieces of the puzzle started fitting into place, which pointed them even more in the direction of Atkinson.

"There were phone records involved, fingerprints involved, recovery of stolen property," says the Chief.

So who was Atkinson calling and where'd investigators find some of the stolen property?

Police say that a second suspect has been linked to this burglary and that, that person is the person that gave Atkinson the go-ahead to go inside the home when the victim was away.

Both this second person and Atkinson worked for the victim. The unidentified suspect had taken the victim to run an errand and called Atkinson to tell him the house was empty and to go in.

In a very short time frame the safe was stolen. Through making contact with this second person, authorities recovered some of the items at her home. However, there's still thousands of dollars more in property that police are trying to get back.

"Any help that the public could provide on any antique coins that have been pawned recently or sold, we'd like to be alerted to that so we can determine if they originated from the victim, "says Chief Chambers.

If you have any information on this crime, contact the Indian Lake Police Department at 233-8559.

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As an owner of property in the Town of Indian Lake I did not realize that the over budget police department in the Town of Indian Lake had "Investigators"

How could it take 2 months to identify a thief where it is "usually pretty difficult for a burglar to come into a small community and commit a crime when everyone knows everyone"

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