On The Move

Wednesday, November 23, 2011 - 9:40am

Planes, trains and automobiles are carrying Thanksgiving travelers home for the holiday.

By roads, rail and air an estimated 44 million Americans will take a Thanksgiving trip this week.

That's up 4% from last Thanksgiving, the first increase in holiday travel this year, but unfortunately trips aren't the only thing on the rise.

Gas prices are up an average of 50-cents over last Thanksgiving and air fares are flying 20-percent higher.

"For travelers who waited, who thought they would get a last minute deal, that wasn't the case this holiday season," says Orbitz.com's Jeanenne Tornatore.

The cost of the ticket may not be the only issue.

Weather delays threaten to spoil some turkey dinners.

Minutes will turn into hours for millions who'll be waiting in lines.

Travel pros say the best way to deal with the wait, especially with kids, is to have a plan.

"The best way to de-stress everybody is to talk through the day before with your kids," advises WeJustGotBack.com's Suzanne Rowan Kelleher. "Tell them, 'Yes, we're gonna be waiting a long time, there are gonna be lines'."

It might help to remind everyone about the turkey, football and fun waiting at the end of those long lines.

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