OK woman gets stuck in donation box, calls 911

OK woman gets stuck in donation box, calls 911
Sunday, June 30, 2013 - 9:18am

"Oklahoma City fire."

Yeah, I am kind of in a particular situation. Ok. And I think I need some help."

A very peculiar situation, in fact, fire officials say it's their first rescue of the kind.

"We received a call from a lady that was actually stuck in a donation bin."

She had dropped off three bags of clothes at the Positive Tomorrow's donation box on Southeast 44th Saturday night.

She realized she had dropped a tennis bracelet inside, so came back at daybreak Sunday morning to try to get it back.

"I came down here and was kind of was looking around, looking around, looking around and I got inside it. And I have MS so it doesn't take much before I start really cramping up and hurting you know. And I can't get out."

"I kind of presume that she got a little dehydrated. Apparently she was in there about two hours this morning. And even in the morning light hours, it would still be very hot, it was a metal bin."

The woman told firefighters she stood on a table to hoist herself inside the bin and even said that someone dropped off a donation while she was trapped inside.

"This lady stopped a while ago and I said excuse me, can you help me and I guess I scared her so bad she sped off because she was putting something in here."

"I bet you did scare her."

Fire officials say they are aware of people climbing inside donation bins before, sometimes to steal items and even transients seeking shelter

They say it's never a good idea, no matter the reason.

"Never climb inside of one of these bins, it's very dangerous."

A lesson this woman won't soon forget.

"You'll be out of there here shortly.

"All right, thank you so very much. God bless you."

"All right, well don't do that no more."

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