Oil spill investigation and impact

Monday, March 24, 2014 - 8:32am

It's oil remnants like this on the shoreline officials are asking you to stay away from. Dozens of crews have been working around the clock trying to clean up sticky oil that spilled into the Galveston Bay.

Victor Adkins, nearby restaurant employee, "All day emergency response, so many drag boats, they got the nets in yesterday."

This barge was carrying a million gallons of marine fuel when it collided with cargo ship "Summer Wind" on Saturday afternoon.

There were six people on board, two were rushed to the hospital when they were exposed to poisonous hydrogen sulfide.

Crews removed all of the products off the damaged barges, Capt. Brian Penoyer, U.S. Coast Guard, "We've had a big accomplishment today. In that the remaining pollution, outside of the cargo tank, we've removed that threat."

Officials believe only one of the barge's tank, which holds 168,000 gallons was breached. Crews were skimming oil  out of water, they're using 70,000 feet of containment booms to protect sensitive areas of the Houston ship channel.

Aerial pictures from the Coast Guard show a huge slick of oil on top of the water.

Mike Allen, Fisherman, "From what I understand, it could've been an accident from the fog, it happens occasionally."

Officials are trying to figure out if weather played a role in the accident, but it did effect Sunday's cleanup, Capt. Brian Penoyer, U.S. Coast Guard, "The weather does not favor us, with the fog, we had to deal with reduced visibility."

In the meantime, those who spend a lot of time on the Texas City dike are hoping things get back to normal sometime soon.

Mike Allen, "There is a lot of fishing that goes on here. So a lot of people are affected by it, birds, it's a nice pristine area around here."

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