Oh Snap

Thursday, June 14, 2012 - 9:14am

Non-native alligator snapping turtles are taking over an Oregon park.

Beaverton, Oregon police responded to an unusual call Tuesday: a foot-long snapping turtle in someone's backyard.

Police said that during one attempt to capture her, the feisty turtle swung its head around with alarming speed and tried to bite an officer's hand.

A snapping turtle's jaw is so strong it could easily take off a finger.

They finally trapped her in a metal garbage can.

The House of Reptiles in Tigard is now taking care of the turtle.

They said it appeared to be an adult female and suspect that she came up from a creek, possibly to lay eggs.

Police said several snapping turtles living near Greenway Park and people should steer clear if they encounter one.

The turtles are not from Oregon and also eat native wildlife; from fish and salamanders to ducklings.

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