Officials Push To Prevent West Nile Outbreak

Tuesday, September 11, 2012 - 8:54am

EDINBURG - The first identified person with the West Nile fever was about the age of 55.

Health officials say the person from Edinburg was treated and is now home doing fine. They do want to point out the elderly and young children should be on the lookout and also anyone under treatment for cancer, dealing with any type of transplant, on dialysis, advanced diabetes, they have a weakened immune system. Those are people that really need to take extra precautions in dealing with this.

Health officials don't believe this is an emergency situation right now, what we're asking for is intervention and prevention.

"This county's working with several cities to ensure heavy populated mosquito areas are taken care of. Edinburg started spraying as soon as they got word of the confirmed case. We are alternating they'll do night or they do night and we do morning, when we're taking turns so as to be able to cover more area"

It's important to remember to get rid of all water that has been standing for more than three days.

Health officials do expect more case the future due to increased rainfall. Other than the first human case two horses in the upper valley have also been confirmed West Nile carries.

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