Obama Wins Round One

Thursday, February 17, 2011 - 10:35am

Costly Pentagon project cut; Obama vows to veto any spending bills that cut too deep.

In a win for President Obama and an embarrassment for House Speaker John Boehner, the House voted Wednesday in a rare burst of bipartisanship to cut funding for a controversial Pentagon program.

Still, the two parties remain in sharp disagreement over spending cuts, and the political warfare ranged from somber to silly.

The GOP would stop funding the Public Broadcasting System to save a half billion dollars a year.

Republicans would slash the budget of the Environmental Protection Agency by a third.

Federal funding for light rail was rejected today by Florida's new Tea Party Republican governor
to make a point.

"Government has become addicted to spending beyond its means and we cannot continue this flawed policy," says Governor Rick Scott.

Republicans would also eliminate family planning grants and cut aid to disadvantaged schools

Democrats called it "reckless."

"House Republican spending measures would gut our ability to create jobs," said New York Senator Chuck Schumer. "They would roll back investments and make America non-competitive in the future."

The fight's not all partisan.

Some in Congress insist on an alternative engine for the new F-35 fighter jet at a cost of $3- billion, even though President Bush, President Obama and Defense Secretary Robert Gates all rejected the need for the engine.

"We consider it an unnecessary and extravagant expense," Gates told Congress Wednesday.

The alternate engine is made in Indiana and in Ohio, John Boehner country.

The Republican Speaker backed the engine, but the House voted to kill its funding, saving $450 million this year.

Many freshman Republicans, a lot of them Tea Party backed, voted against the engine, proving they will vote against their own leaders to keep their promise to cut spending.

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